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US Coast Guard - Handouts - Passenger Vessel Safety ProgramUS Coast Guard - Handouts - Passenger Vessel Safety Program

Feb 2016 General Meeting presentation was by Brian Rollins and Ken Babick of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.  They covered many safety tips and how to use marine radio to report emergencies like May Day.  

Check out the handouts on their website  

For their Emergency Radio Procedures form go to  And, yes it is IMPORTANT that you know your location (latitude and longitude, Loran, or range and bearing from known point, etc.) 

What are you going to do if one of your crew falls overboard?  or the skipper? To many, the answer is to have a Lifesling on board.  But how many times have we sailed on a boat where the Lifesling has never been taken out of the pack?  No excuses, we all should be aware of how to get crew members back on board.

Recently, Sauvie Island Yacht Club's Commodore, Craig Johnston, coordinated a Lifesling training class (classroom and on-the-water) that many OWSA members attended to gain valuable skills. Craig and Barbara also presented a condensed MOB/COB session at our March General Meeting, titled What Every Sailor Needs to Know About Man Overboard Recovery.  Click here to read more about Lifesling and watch the video that they showed at the meeting.  (And, yes, that is the Hasse at the helm in the video.)

Oregon OffshoreOregon Offshore
The Corinthian Yacht Club of Portland is proud to present the 38th Annual Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race. 

Small Yacht Sailing Club of Oregon (SYSCO)Small Yacht Sailing Club of Oregon (SYSCO)
Founded in 1978, the Small Yacht Sailing Club of Oregon (SYSCO) has offered sailors an opportunity for racing, cruising and recreating at modest cost. Its membership is comprised of several Level Fleets and One-Design classes, with keelboats and multi-hulls 19' and up. Several OWSA members belong to SYSCO and enjoy the racing opportunities.
NOAA Weather for PortlandNOAA Weather for Portland

Check out the latest weather before you head out to sail.

Sail PDX - Oregon Corinthian Sailing Association (OCSA)Sail PDX - Oregon Corinthian Sailing Association (OCSA)
Information about all the clubs and all events on the river. Check here for regatta scores.
Animated KnotsAnimated Knots
Confused about a knot? Check out this animated demonstation of knot tying.
Portland Crew ListPortland Crew List
List your name and experience to connect with skippers who need crew. Don't be bashful if you are new. A committed crew who wants to learn is much more valuable than an experienced crew who doesn't show up.
Animated Rules of RacingAnimated Rules of Racing
Helpful site to see the rules in action to get a better understanding or the application.
[Note: Sorry, their link is broken.  Will get back to you soon when they have updated their website.]
Women's National Sailing AssociationWomen's National Sailing Association
An organization very similiar to OWSA offering womena the opportunity to become engaged and skilled in the art of Sailing. They are a informational clearing house for woemen who sail. WSF sponsors the Adventure Sail Program with us.
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