Boat Owner Advanced Training (BOAT)

The OWSA BOAT program provides an exciting opportunity for women sailors to see what boat ownership might be like. Participants will experience the joys and challenges of boat ownership through use of one of OWSA’s sailboats for a season. 


“Cloud 9” J-24
“Diversion”  Columbia 22
“Hoodview” Ranger 20
“Salud”  Ranger 20
“Windborne”  Catalina 25

The boats are available each year for use March 1 to October 31

Eligibility for boat use is based on skill level, volunteer service, and current membership in OWSA. Participants are required to participate in all OWSA events. This includes several of the classes where on the water experience is available. BOAT Program participants must assure that their boat is made available for the Women’s Race Clinic.  OWSA boats are also required to go out on Wednesday Night Sail.

BOAT “owners” maintain their vessels with the help and guidance of the BOAT Program Committee and local volunteers who provide education regarding care and maintenance of the vessels.

The BOAT program is in part supported by the community with donations of vessels. Additionally, each member participating in the program contributes a low monthly fee ($41 - $46) which funds the maintenance of the boats, new sails, and equipment as needed.

Contact BOAT Program Chair for additional information at

BOAT Program Applications:

BOAT Program Applications are available in November for the following year.  Applications need to be submitted by March 1st

Applications to become a team member are available here: BOAT Program Application.

"There is NOTHING--absolutely nothing--half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats." 

Kenneth Grahame