OWSA offers several options for getting more experience cruising on the river. Our popular Wednesday Night Sail program matches members with boat owners to spend evenings gaining experience on a variety of sizes and classes of sailboat.

OWSA offers cruising activities throughout the year as well as a cruising class. Many members pool their resources to charter a boat in places such as Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands and the Caribbean. A few members have even gone on to "turn left" and take their adventure global. You can read stories about our members in the OWSA Journal.

OWSA's members get the experience and confidence to become competent sailors and enjoy the sailing lifestyle. Contact for details.

10th Annual Linda Bean Memorial Cruise The 2014 Linda Bean Memorial Cruise to St. Helen's is scheduled for Saturday, May 3rd. Find out more!

Annual Ladies Cruise The Annual Ladies Cruise is scheduled for Friday - Sunday, May 16-18th, 2014. For several years OWSA members have enjoyed cruising to a local destination and meeting with other lady sailors. To find out more visit -

"Cruising lets you share a back porch with a billionaire. In Turkey we anchored next to a diamond merchant's 200 foot megayacht for two days. He spent 50 million dollars to visit the same destination as us. Some people buy floating condominiums and some people buy the sailing equivalent of a cargo crate, but we all meet at the same barbecue pit on the beach."